Trapezoidal Thread Gages

Trapezoidal Thread Gauges Info

Trapezoidal Thread Gauges are essentially used for sending feed and lift and situation arrangement appliance which is popular in the field of mechanics. The basic profile of the trapezoidal thread gauges is the classic GB/T 8124-2004, DIN 103-9: 1985, NF E03-619: 2007.

Trapezoidal thread gauges are for the use of translation motion in machine tools like lead screws where rapid movement is required or in screw jacks where load to be shared is more.

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7H, 8H, and 9H are the internal threads and the external threads are 7e,8e,8c, and 9c

They also provide a variety of sizes like;

Tr 8 X 1.5, Tr 9 X 1.5, Tr 9 X 2, Tr 10 X 1.5, Tr 10 X 2, Tr 11 X 2, Tr 11 X 3, Tr 12X 2, Tr 12 X 3, Tr 14 X 2, Tr 14 X 3, Tr 16 X 2, Tr 16 X 4, Tr 18 X 2, Tr 18 X 4, Tr 20 X 2


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