Trapezoidal Thread Gages


Trapezoidal Thread Gauges

Working on a project that requires measuring thread gauge. Try a trapezoidal thread gauge from Gaugetools! Trapezoidal thread ring gauges and plug gauges have a thread angle of 30 degrees. Making them perfect for any trapezoidal thread needs. 7H, 8H, and 9H tolerance classes are available! External thread tolerance available are 7e, 8e, 8c and 9c. There are left hand and right hand thread pitches available depending on what your project requires or you want. Are you working on transmission and position adjustment? That is what trapezoidal thread gauges are most helpful for. The basic standard profile of a metric trapezoidal thread gauge is GB/T 8124-2004, DIN 103-9:1985, NF E03-619:2007. Gaugetools strives for customer satisfaction and 100 percent stands behind their products.

Gaugetools accepts all major credit cards, bank transfer or pay pal. They ship express DHL, FedEx and EMS. They are based out of Hubei and provide thread gauge service to many different countries including America, Brazil, Peru, Germany and many others. No matter where you are, they have your thread gauge needs covered! Do you need a trapezoidal thread tap? Gaugestools has those available as well. Using thread taps provides a low cost tool with higher thread accuracy than relying on human workers.

They have a list of standard sized thread taps and gauges available. They use HSS and HSS-E to make their products which creates a strong reliable tool! They can also coat their products with TiN, CrN, TiCN or Nitride depending on what you request. This makes an already very durable thread tape even more durable and usable! Utilize gauge tools for all your thread gauge and thread tap needs! Read more information about Trapezoidal thread gages come visit us at our site.